More on the commenting feature

Earlier in the month, I posted about a new social commenting feature (see – since the original post, there have been a few tweeks…

Firstly there is now a new general setting – ‘Allow commenting on maps’ – switch this option on, and by default all news maps will include Disqus commenting (initially this setting is off, unless you have already setup your own Disqus account).

If you have setup your own Disqus account, which you are recommended to do, then the commenting on your maps will be powered by your own Disqus account. If not, the commenting will be powered by a central Disqus account (which means no email notifications, twitter notifications etc.).

You can also set whether each map (single day or multi day) has comments enabled – simple click on the ‘My Maps’ tab and edit a map to toggle this option. By default commenting on all maps is off (unless you have already setup your Disqus account).

If you have any questions or queries about this feature, just let me know.

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